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W E   W A N T   Y O U !
Baron von Lüften

To realize this power card project we will need your help! You have two options to support us. Either you do it directly through our Kickstarter Campagne or you order one of many Mightymania Decks packages via PayPal.



Till the 9th October 2019 is oure Kick­starter Campagne running. There you can choose from various Mightymania Decks packages between 1€ and 100€. Depending on which package you decide to take you can get up to 8 different Mighty­mania Decks and other gimmicks. It is definitely worth it to join the party!



Sadly it is not possible to pay with PayPal on Kick­starter. If you decide on Kickstarter which one of the many Mightymania Decks packages you want, you can also give us the exact amount of money via PayPal.

Attention! Add a note to your PayPal payment with your name and your delivery address!